Heads Gallery

Inspiration appears from anywhere and the unconscious moment of an idea could either be grasped or forgotten. One example of this for me was when I was in Washington, DC, and viewed the sculpture of a head encased in an odd type of material. I knew then and there that I had to paint heads reflecting the fact that we are subjected to unwanted radionuclides from atomic testing, nuclear power plant disasters, radioactivity surrounding operating nuclear power plants, irradiated water, etc.  Seriously dangerous to human and animal health are the radioactive dust particles being ingested due to the mining, the radioactive waste piles, and the areas surrounding nuclear plants of all types. I began my “Head” series by purchasing plastic mannequin heads, coating them in gesso, and painting them to look like uranium rocks. I then decided to paint these three-dimensional heads to suggest the Fiesta Ware plates that were brightly colored with uranium; the Tibetan Phowa exercises that use subtle energies and the Radium Girls with their very sad story.