“Seeds of Change”

During the pre-election days this fall I worked on this 8’ x 10” oil painting which I titled “Seeds of Change”. The art piece was initially intended to be a happy, bright painting of beautiful apple blossoms. However as talk of bitterness, fear and hatred reverberated everywhere, my painting of these beautiful flowers became grayer and duller until ultimately the blossoms became almost entirely grey. Needless to say the words of hate and divisiveness that were being bantered about negatively affected me. I felt helpless, disillusioned and sad during this most shocking of presidential elections. What happened to caring, compassion and our democratic ways of relating and conversing?

I looked at my depressing painting after the election and thought about it and the title it had been given….”Seeds of Change” and I could see the tiny potential seeds within the flowers. I knew that seeds provide beauty and nourishment. I was also aware that numerous groups were being formed and voicing concern about misplaced values and global warming denying. These voices were having a positive effect.

Then it occurred to me that there could be yet another way to help make American beautiful again. We could all go out and plant seeds…real seeds…everywhere! The beauty of the flowers and the nourishment from the food could help revitalize our eyes and bodies! We could all become Johnny and Mary Appleseeds!! We could maybe even plant more food than we need to help those who don’t have food! We could plant healthy herbs! Spring is in the air—and now is the time to madly spread lots and lots of seeds!

Let’s go and make America beautiful again!


While researching organic and non-GMO seed sources, I even found an organic company called Seeds of Change!


Some other sources are:







You can also make “seed balls” to disperse seeds in your yard or throw in the wild. http://www.hellonatureblog.com/diy-seed-bombs/