Here I am working on a new triptych painting about icebergs while, at the same time, thinking about news reports (John Vidal–The Guardian–March 25, 2013) linking the massive snowstorms and bitter spring to the dramatic loss of sea ice.   My “Iceberg Wasteland” oil painting (see below) was honored on May 1, 2013, to receive an Award of Excellence in the Manhattan Arts International Competition celebrating the Healing Power of Art.   Also please check out my interview at http://reneephillips.blogspot.com/2013/05/interview-with-artist-mary-lou-dauray.html“.

  • Renee Phillips

    February 2, 2013at9:17 pm Reply

    This new painting is fantastic! I'm sure your exhibition will capture a lot of interest and hopefully inspire many positive changes.

  • gaiaorion

    February 12, 2013at3:48 pm Reply

    For someone who loves colors, I really enjoy how some of your iceberg scenes are so bright and colorful!

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