Another Step Forward

Yes–many are stepping forward right now–standing tall for what they believe in.  Step by hopeful step–and I return to working on my painting–wondering what can I do to let my voice be heard?
So I continue putting brush to paper–glazing, spattering and choosing colors.  This second flip-flop that I am doing steps forward…is moving on.
Today, I began to read an insightful book recommended by a very perceptive art teacher, gail McDaniel.  The Art Spirit, by Robert Henri, was published in 1923 and his words are helping me feel as though I am part of a greater group.   He says “through art mysterious bonds of understanding and of knowledge are established…”
I recommend this book to all artists and I plan to include more of his comments in future blogs.

Another step forward on my second flip-flop painting–days four and five!
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