About the Artist

Mary Lou Dauray, through her art, wants to emphasize the fact that our planet is threatened by two alarming situations: global human suffering because of the ravages of man-made global warming and total extinction of life brought about by nuclear war.

As an artist who is highly proficient in many mediums, she has the ability to communicate powerful messages while also creating paintings of extraordinary beauty. During the past few years her work focused on the Iraq war, gender inequality, glacial melt, the problem of plastic residue in the oceans, air pollution from the burning of fossil fuels, and most recently the dangers of radiation. Three years ago she created a series of  artworks relating to the very serious, unresolved meltdown and spread of radioactivity from three destroyed nuclear power plants at Fukushima Daiichi in Japan. It was after painting about that multi-level catastrophe that she then decided to devote her painting to a source of nuclear energy, uranium, which is the principal fuel for nuclear reactors and the main raw material for nuclear weapons.  She is overwhelmed and concerned about the dangers of a nuclear catastrophe.

Exhibitions and Awards

Mary Lou Dauray’s work has been exhibited throughout the U.S. including at the Virginia Art Museum in Richmond, Virginia; the Blue Planet juried show; Runnymede Corporate Headquarters in Norfolk, Virginia; University of Southern California Institute for Genetic Medicine Art Gallery; as well as having some artwork at the London Olympics. Mary Lou won a Special Achievement Second Place Cash Award and Featured Artist Interview from Manhattan Arts International in its “HERStory 2016” juried exhibition. She also received an Award of Excellence from Manhattan Arts International for her “Burning Coal Car”. She has exhibited in a juried show at Gallery 1 in Point Reyes, California and at the O’Hanlon Gallery in Mill Valley, California.

If you are interested in using Mary Lou Dauray’s artwork for an anti-nuclear event, please contact the artist here.