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                             “Black Plastic Bags with Red Cone” by Mary Lou Dauray  Pen and Ink  5 ¾ x 4 3/4 In the Japanese Fukushima Prefecture you cannot help but glance around and see at least 54,000 very organized stacks holding more than 9 million neatly packed plastic storage bags.  These enormous black sealed bags are filled with radioactive soil and all kinds of sizzling waste collected since the Fukushima Daiishi triple nuclear meltdown on March... Read more


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“Surrounding“, Mixed Media, 9″ x 6”   On a cold winter’s night in December, In a place right in my home, I slipped quickly on a pool of plain water, And…… In that split second I fractured the longest bone in my body—my femur! I certainly did myself in! Now, after surgery, and with a new titanium plate inserted into my leg (airport security is going to love this!), I find myself sitting almost all day because I cannot put any weight on my healing... Read more


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MELTING ICE ON GREENLAND GLACIER MORE MELTING ICE ON GREENLAND GLACIER Sometimes one is lucky to be able to catch a glimpse of nature in its raw beauty and changing face.  Two years ago, while flying over Greenland, I glanced out the plane’s window and saw, through a brief opening in the cloud cover, azure-colored lakes on top of the Greenland glaciers.  I grabbed my camera and snapped a few photos.  At the time I did not think much about the pictures, but now I... Read more


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Sunset over the Sierra Nevada Mountains (Photo taken with iPhone) Photoshop versions   While flying over the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountains last week I quickly took a photo out the window with my trusty iPhone.  The stunning beauty of the sun casting pink color on the snowy mountain peaks captivated me and I was lucky to capture the view. Today, I had a Photoshop lesson and began to digitally adjust the photo.  I do realize that the mountains cannot be made any more beautiful, but... Read more


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The Symbol A Mother The March Usually in my blog I talk about art I am either working on or have finished.  Today, however, I am relating a different kind of story—a saga that has been ongoing for 38 years and to which a symbol or logo has been ascribed:  a white headscarf. Every single Thursday a group of mothers, sisters, and relatives, wearing white headscarves, and called the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo, march around the Plaza de Mayo in Buenos Aires, Argentina. ... Read more


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 BURNING COAL  22″w x 30″h acrylic on paper  IS IT HERE? MY HOUSE? 22″w x 30″h acrylic on paper BURN  30″w x 22″h acrylic on paper   Global warming’s effects hit hard and furiously this last week here in northern California.  Destructive wildfires burned with an intensity not seen before. Hundreds of homes were lost, people died, and hundreds of thousands of acres of land burned.  Our governor, Jerry Brown, said that the “raging wildfires in recent weeks draw attention to global warming, highlighting links between hot, dry conditions... Read more


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COAL USED UP FOUR CANVAS PANELS  16″ x 16″  OIL   Summer Travels and Four Paintings My recent travels transported me from the shores of California to the beaches of New England; from the seaside in France, Malta, Sardinia, and Italy to the blue waters in Greece.   Along the way I took many photographs, some of which I am hoping will eventually be incorporated into my artwork.   As I went from place to place, I kept my eyes wide open to see and experience what culture... Read more


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Monterey, Ca. (Oil) 8″h x 10″w Hawaii-2015 (Oil) 10″w x 8″h Georgia’s Mountain in Abiquiu, New Mexico (Oil) 8″w x 10″h   Can you imagine 700 plein air artists gathered in one place for five days to teach, learn, have fun and collaborate? This past April I experienced such an event in beautiful Monterey, California. I chose to attend this convention with some of the masters of plein air painting because I felt an urgent need to paint outside of my studio walls to look,... Read more


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 Pen and Ink Sketch 5″ x 4″ Burning Coal   Acrylic 9″ x 10″ Looking Inside  22″ x 30″   Concern, thought, observation and creativity fuel my artistic work…and speaking of “fuel”, the worrisome harm caused by continued mining, transporting and burning of coal remains at the top of my list of subject matters to paint.  My personal experience of deep concern over the damage wrought by the burning and transporting of coal began with a train ride through Poland in 2009 when I was distressed by... Read more


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And the painting goes on… I wondered, now that 2015 is here, whether I would continue referencing in my art the concern I have for the pollution and destruction caused by burning, mining and transporting of coal.  The subject matter can get depressing, especially when one realizes that almost all the US coal transported and exported to Asia goes to the greatest polluters:  China, Japan, India and South Korea. Check out DP Coal Exports: Nonetheless, I decided to keep  on truckin’ and continue to paint art work... Read more