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Our National Parks

August 6, 2017 art, Environment 0

                                                                                                               While taking some quiet time this past June to experience Zion and Bryce National Parks in Utah, I was able to experience some much needed inner strength, peace... Read more

Seeds of Change

March 9, 2017 art 7

“Seeds of Change” During the pre-election days this fall I worked on this 8’ x 10” oil painting which I titled “Seeds of Change”. The art piece was initially intended to be a happy, bright painting of beautiful apple blossoms. However as talk of bitterness, fear and hatred reverberated everywhere, my painting of these beautiful flowers became grayer and duller until ultimately the blossoms became almost entirely grey. Needless to say the words of hate and divisiveness that were being bantered about negatively affected me. I... Read more

Fukushima Daiichi Radiation: THIS LAND IS NO-MAN’S LAND

June 21, 2016 art, Nuclear 3

“THIS LAND IS NO-MAN’S LAND”     Acrylic painting 24″ x 24″ on canvas by Mary Lou Dauray My painting, “This Land is No-Man’s Land”, depicts a segment of destroyed and abandoned land in the Japanese Fukushima Prefecture. The earth and people there sadly suffered the devastating effects of three destructive forces in March of 2011: a 9-point earthquake; a tsunami wave that some speculate reached as high as 130 feet; and a down pouring of nuclear radiation fallout following massive explosions and melt-downs... Read more