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Fukushima Daiichi Radiation: THIS LAND IS NO-MAN’S LAND

June 21, 2016 art, Nuclear 3

“THIS LAND IS NO-MAN’S LAND”     Acrylic painting 24″ x 24″ on canvas by Mary Lou Dauray My painting, “This Land is No-Man’s Land”, depicts a segment of destroyed and abandoned land in the Japanese Fukushima Prefecture. The earth and people there sadly suffered the devastating effects of three destructive forces in March of 2011: a 9-point earthquake; a tsunami wave that some speculate reached as high as 130 feet; and a down pouring of nuclear radiation fallout following massive explosions and melt-downs... Read more


May 1, 2016 Nuclear 4

“Nuclear Bulls Eye”  Acrylic Painting 24″ x 24″ by Mary Lou Dauray What happens when you have a target or a goal, think you have scored a bull’s eye, but in fact you have missed the mark? That thought occurred to me as I painted my latest in a series on the fallibility of nuclear energy. The artwork “Nuclear Bulls Eye” pictures a target but is in reality a nuclear reactor with some radioactive rods in the center. The otherworldly glow that I attempted to replicate... Read more