First Blog, First Day, First Moment

Welcome to my blog.  Here is a recent mixed media piece I have just completed.  It is oil on gessoed paper with painted plastic segments.  Title is “Plastic Iceberg 7″–with 7 being my favorite number.  The size of the piece is approximately 54″ x 54”.  Let me know what you think of the piece.

  • rajpe

    December 9, 2010at11:00 pm Reply

    I like the look, the mood. It has, to me, more a crystalline brittleness that is not "plastic".

  • betsi

    December 10, 2010at4:30 am Reply

    I agree with rajpe. Plus, it so totally looks like a very cold iceberg. Being monochromatic makes it all work! Great job, ML!

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