Getting back to painting–Jan 3, 2011

The first week of 2011!  Art Time!  During the recent wonderful holiday season I did not put brush to paper at all.  But I was thinking about the work a lot.  I felt that I needed to turn my piece upsidedown, with the heavier, darker part going on the bottom instead of on top as I had originally planned.  I also convinced myself that I wanted to do a lot of drips.


Well, here are the results of working on the piece yesterday and today–no drips, one iceberg and a sunset in the background!..not exactly how I had originally imagined the piece.  Maybe my next painting will have lots of drips!


This piece feels almost finished.  I did put plastic in it, but less than what I have been doing.  I still plan to incorporate plastic in my future work–a visual reminder of how much this material surrounds us. This is what I did on January 2nd.

Here is January 3rd…with more emphasis on what is under the iceberg!
Hope everyone has an art-filled New Year!
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  • betsi

    January 3, 2011at11:20 pm Reply

    wow. would love to see it in person. I bet it's really dramatic!

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