Magic in the Air

Greetings and Happy New Year from the forest of Hobbit Land in New Zealand!  I definitely felt the magic and enchantment there in early December, 2013, while sitting in the chair from Beorn’s house!

More magic ensued when, immediately following the New Zealand trip, I traveled to West Palm Beach, Florida and taught a Master Class on environmental art to ninth graders at the A.W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts.  While in the class, I experienced the “magic” of the student’s focused interest, their originality, creativity and enthusiasm.  Please visit the link to read some of their own comments about the class.

Lastly, we, as artists, integrate magic into our art.  Below is a 90″wide by 30″oil triptych which almost created itself.  As many of you know, my recent work has concentrated on raising awareness about the issues of global warming and pollution.  In these three paintings completed during the fall of 2013, I collaged broken pieces of painted plastic onto the canvases which allude to the problem of plastic ocean pollution in our oceans.  The white paint at the bottom suggests icebergs.  As you can see, the linear drips of rain fall down into what looks like cracks in the ice.  These drops descended and created their own pathways on to a magical journey to the snow.  I was so pleased to see this happen.

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