Moving along with painting!

In yesterday’s blog I showed two photos of a large piece (4 1/2′ x 4 1/2′) that I am working on.  Since the oil paint was not dry today, I decided to paint on a smaller piece of paper (20″h x 30″w) that had a quickly rendered old painting on it..a waterfall of sorts.


After painting for a few hours today, this is the result.. a waterfall that has turned to a mix of ice and water flowing.  Many years ago I started doing geometric, hard-edged watercolors and I think that some of this edge detailing is evident in this painting.  Here is the new one I painted today which is titled “Flow” (until I can think of a better name)!


Next is one of my earlier watercolors where there is some sharp edge detailing.  This picture is entitled “Australia 1”–a memory of a visit to the area around Uluru-Kata Tjuta–Ayers Rock in central Australia–where the shadows were deep and the rocks red..a very powerful place.

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  • lani

    January 28, 2011at11:33 pm Reply

    mary lou. your work is exquisite. it's amazing to be able to witness your development as an artist.

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