On the Way Home

These days lots can be accomplished on your laptop when you can get online while flying.  I have been  cleaning my desktop; catching up on emails and writing my blog!!  I am returning home on a six hour flight from Boston to San Francisco.  Ole Man Winter has his grip in New England at the moment..brrrr!  Ice even coats the small ponds which dot the landscape.  Seeing that ice brought back memories when, a long time ago, I used to skate and play ice hockey on such frozen- over ponds… Ice is the subject matter of my current art work series…  During the past year I have been painting icebergs–and here is an example of a 6″ x 6″x 2″ piece made with dried paint collaged onto oil painted wood.  My concern for the disappearing ice and my worries about global warming are two of the reasons I am painting such pieces.

  • carolyn

    December 18, 2010at5:56 am Reply

    Beautiful, Mary Lou! Ice is an integral part of winter for me, too. Merry Christmas and Happy 2011 to you!

  • Mary Lou

    December 19, 2010at2:54 am Reply

    Thank you, Carolyn. I hope you have a happy and joyful holiday season (and all next year too)!

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