Starting My New Painting on December 18, 2010

Today I began a new painting.  The blog will describe the process up until the painting is finished…whenever that is. The idea for this work has been rummaging around in my mind for a while now…but we’ll see what the final result will end up being.


*Beginning size is 54″ x 54″
*Surface is cold pressed rough watercolor paper cut from a roll


This afternoon–as it started to get dark (this happens so early now)–I applied a coat of white acrylic gesso on the paper–just enough to coat the paper, but not enough to completely eliminate areas of roughness.  The gesso coat will dry quickly. The paper hangs on a wall that is protected with a painter’s plastic cover.
Using a large 3″ thick brush, it took almost an hour to coat the paper.  I listened to classical music from Wyoming which streamed in on internet radio.  I love Jackson Hole, Wyoming,  and love listening to the Jackson weather report–especially when it is snowing.   Most of the time I turn off the hourly BBC news because most of it is so depressing.


The not very clear picture here was taken with my iPhone.  At least you can see the paper–but the lighting created three ovals–think I will use a better camera for some of the other photos.


Hope you enjoy the process.  Maybe someone will become inspired to put brush to paper–a fun, therapeutic and definitely creative endeavor!  I am excited about what will happen!  Art is awesome!

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