Artist Statement

The majority of my paintings created these past few years reveal a deep concern about human-caused climate destruction. I am profoundly alarmed about global warming contributing to massive displacement of people; social injustices; food scarcity; forest fires around the world; rising ocean waters; radioactive pollution, and more.

I spent many months painting a series related to potential dangers originating from nuclear power plants.  There are many who postulate that new nuclear power plants should be a viable source of alternative energy.  Prohibitive costs, radioactive pollution and lack of ability to hide/destroy/eliminate radioactive waste serve to counter the nuclear power argument. The multi-million (sometimes billion) costs for building new nuclear power plants could be redirected toward other more sustainable and safer energy production alternatives.  The effects of the deadly Fukushima Daiichi triple meltdown in Japan in March of 2011 caused me to complete a particular series about that disaster.  After completing those paintings I delved into a study of uranium in rocks that resulted in a group of paintings I completed on canvas and on mannequin heads.

As we all know, March 2020 will go down in history as a removal from “normal” living. As soon as the shelter-in =place law took effect, I fashioned an 8’ x 8’ sunroom into a studio and immediately found solace and purpose by creating paintings almost every day.  The very first group of artworks I did reflected my worries about the devastating effect of the new rules fomented by the Trump administration that threatened our national parks.  Alarm bells went off as that administration’s EPA and Dept. of Interior reopened mining in those areas and cut back on the size of some of the national parks.  During many days I painted vistas of the parks that I had been fortunate enough to visit in 2019.  I thankfully mentally left my little studio just by putting brush to canvas depicting some of our most beautiful land.

Lately, my painting has veered more into the abstract and non-objective realm. While I enjoy painting semi-realistic works, creating these abstractions presents an enormous challenge.

I paint on paper, canvas and wood panels and use a variety of oil and water-based pigments.

If you are interested in using of my artwork for an anti-nuclear event, please contact me.