I use my artistic voice to increase awareness about the ways  we are destroying our planet–our home. I create artworks that present a very different view from what is found in the scientific and academic worlds and I hope that within the challenging process of making my art I will discover in some small way how to make the world a safer place.

My painting is done on two dimensional paper, wood and canvas as well as on three-dimensional forms. My work style varies from realistic to semi-abstraction depending on the subject matter.

Many artists, including Hilma af Klint, Helen Frakenthaler, Howard Hodgkin and Eugene Delacroix have influenced me. I also react to the current events and find that what is happening undoubtedly impacts the outcome of my art.

Three years ago I did artwork relating to the very serious, unresolved meltdown of three nuclear power plants at Fukushima Daiichi in Japan.  It was after doing research about that multi-level catastrophe that I then decided to learn about one source of nuclear energy—the splitting of uranium atoms.

Uranium is the principal fuel for nuclear reactors and the main raw material for nuclear weapons.  Approximately 16 metric tons of refined uranium is used domestically each year. Since I have always been drawn to painting rocks, and I am concerned about the dangers of a nuclear catastrophe which could mean the extinction of planetary life on earth, I decided to focus on painting uranium rocks and use this as a base to talk about my deep concerns.  NO FIRST NUCLEAR STRIKE!

If you are interested in using of my artwork for an anti-nuclear event, please contact me.