Timeless Wisdom

“Timeless Wisdom” 24″ x 24″

This painting results from a powerful experience I had three weeks ago when I sat quietly in the midst of some of the oldest geology on our planet. While staring at dramatic 165 million-year-old Jurassic-aged cliffs at Ghost Ranch, in Abiquiu, New Mexico, I kept being drawn to a hollowed-out section that seemed to contain a sculpted figure. I felt that the figure, so very ancient and timeless, emanated strength, patience, and wisdom–especially since it had endured and survived countless environmental changes and planetary happenings.   Placed below the figure were numerous rock shapes nestling comfortably in among the green trees and small streams. They seemed to resemble a gathering of people working together as a community while at the same time showing respect and compassion for each other and for their leader.

After returning to my studio, I felt compelled to make an oil painting of this experience. I began and finished this “Timeless Wisdon” 24” x 24” painting during the three days of November 7, 8 and 9.   It is difficult to articulate the practically debilitating emotions that resonated in me during that time since never in my lifetime had I heard or read such hate, viciousness and vitriol swirling around everywhere.  I kept processing these feelings that were reverberating to my very core while somehow putting brush to canvas, stroke after stroke.

I have become painfully aware of the possibility that our most cherished beliefs about democracy, equality and justice could be eroded at this time. It is crucial for me to be concerned, caring and loving right now. It is time for me, and for people everywhere working as one community, to activate our own particular talents in order to facilitate supporting and developing a spirit of togetherness and hope in the goodness of humanity. Also, I realize that I need to couple this work with reasoned non-compliance to actions of brutality, insensitivity and hatred. It is, in addition, a time for me to be alert and fully informed about man-made damage to Mother Earth and, if necessary, learn how to resist those negative efforts. This message, for me, is loud and clear for today and for the future.

These words below are from beloved, aware and compassionate Leonard Cohen. They resonate today. May he rest in peace.


“I can’t run no more with that lawless crowd

while the killers in high places say their prayers out loud.

But they’ve summoned, they’ve summoned up a thundercloud and they’re going to hear from me.

Ring the bells that still can ring …Forget your perfect offering

There is a crack in everything That’s how the light gets in.”


  • renee phillips

    November 15, 2016at7:00 pm Reply

    Mary Lou, this is another powerful painting and message to match. Thank you for your art and your devotion to foster awareness and positive change.

  • Sherry Streeter

    November 16, 2016at9:50 pm Reply

    Such a strong and powerful painting, Mary Lou… and statement to go with it. Painting with you and the group in Abiquiu was an Inspiration that keeps on unfolding. Forever grateful!

  • Gina Murphy-Darling

    November 17, 2016at5:04 am Reply

    Mary Lou – your words inspired me, made me pause my over-active brain and made me become very still. Your amazing work of art drew me in – so much so that I wanted to walk right into it to join the caring, compassionate gathering. Thank you.

  • Dorothy Sander

    November 17, 2016at4:05 pm Reply

    Beautiful! What a powerful way to process what was going on during the days you painted this piece. I feel it in every brush stroke. Using your art to speak what’s in your heart serves us all. Thank you, for sharing it with the world.

  • Caskey W

    December 2, 2016at8:17 pm Reply

    Thank you Mary Lou! I love the idea of guardians in nature and the Ghost Ranch earth formations in particular. I too am struggling with our current situation. We need all our guardians.

  • Renee Phillips

    December 25, 2016at6:43 pm Reply

    Congratulations Mary Lou. Your painting Timeless Wisdom won an Award of Excellence in the Manhattan Arts International “New Beginnings” 2016-17 exhibition, which I had the pleasure of curating. Thank you for producing meaningful art and best wishes for a wonderful 2017!

  • David A. Greene

    March 10, 2017at8:22 pm Reply

    Hi Mary Lou,
    Glad to see you are still blogging and painting your stories. It is an interesting place you visited.
    When I was involved with the building of the nuclear plants here in Charlestown, I knew I couldn’t fight them and win. What I did was write about and spoke about on radio and T.V. was alternative energy. What my vision was every outside light and sign in the country run by solar or wind power. I did not leave out tidal and geothermal power either. I really pushed the idea of all the jobs this new industry would create as well as a boost to our economy. Many people thought I was a nut. Look at today; alternative energy is out pacing gas and will soon do the same to oil. When the Palestinian fishermen stepped out of the boat and Jesus was roasting fish on a bed of coals he told them to ” cast their nets on the right sight and they will catch many fish.” When I was a lobbyist my job wasn’t to oppose anyone; it was to educate.
    Good job on the painting. It isn’t easy to come home and do a painting like that. I did some paintings from memory of my horsr trip in the Sangre De Cristo Mountains. It wasn’t easy. I read in the paper that Mr. De La Port passed away about a week ago.
    I am on the mend. I’m working on a painting. Thanks for sharing. Your friend, David

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