Two Paintings of Iceland

“Jen” Oil on Canvas, 20″w x 30″h

Inspiration for artists comes from many places and a memorable visit to Iceland moved me to create numerous works of art.  

Pictured here are two oil paintings that were just juried into a show at the O’Hanlon Art Gallery in Mill Valley, California.  The first one, entitled “Jen”, depicts the entrance into the Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa near Reykavik.  According to the website of the Blue Lagoon, the waters get their blue colour from the silica and the way it reflects light.  Admittedly, basking in the naturally warm waters was both calming and healing.  It is easy to see why people enjoy congregating there in any type of weather.

The second oil painting illustrates a dramatic rift in the area in Iceland where you can see the results of the shifiting and drifting apart of two major tectonic plates above sea level. This process has been going on for millions of years.  How could one not paint this scene!  Enjoy!

“Tectonic Plates-Iceland”  Oil on Canvas, 20″w x 30″h
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